7 Pillars of Product-led Growth (PLG) Written By: admin | Posted On: 02-05-2024 | Category: Community , SaaS

Product-led growth and the shift toward user-centricity have revolutionised how we think about software as a service (SaaS). PLG companies have 60% more ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) than non-PLG companies.

Our founder community asks when is the right time to build an enterprise sales team. Layering on enterprise sales to a bottoms-up motion can be a breakthrough, or it can be a dangerous & costly pivot.

See the six pillars of introducing enterprise sales to a product-led growth organisation from the wonderful team Bessemer Venture Partners …..we’ve added a number 7 😊

  1. Generate enterprise pipeline with end-users driving the top-of-funnel.

    Implementing user-driven referral programs or incentivising power users to advocate for the product within their organisations.

  2. Mine for product-qualified leads to guide direct sales.

    Utilising in-app analytics to identify users who are most likely to convert to paid customers based on their usage patterns and engagement levels.

  3. Employ clear heuristics to triage leads and determine which areas to scale.

    Developing a scoring system that ranks leads based on factors such as company size, industry, and level of engagement, allowing the sales team to prioritise high-value opportunities.

  4. Introduce pricing and packaging flexibility to complement enterprise purchasing behaviour.

    Offering customisable pricing plans or enterprise-specific feature bundles to accommodate the unique needs and budgets of large organisations.

  5. Ensure product architecture supports an “expand and extend” value-based sale to enterprises.

    Building scalable infrastructure and APIs that enable seamless integration with existing enterprise systems, facilitating upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

  6. Establish cohesive hiring strategies and sales compensation practices.

    Implementing a structured onboarding program for new sales hires and designing commission structures that align with both individual performance and overall company goals.

  7. Engage with a skilled GTM talent partner well-versed in hiring founding Enterprise reps in a PLG environment…… Cognatio Solutions

    Collaborating with specialised recruitment agencies like Cognatio Solutions, who have a  track record of successfully placing enterprise sales professionals in product-led growth organisations, ensuring the right talent fit for the unique dynamics of the company.


By Sam Friskey