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Quotas and tenures are contextual.

Unfortunately, hiring managers and recruiters often fall into the trap of quick judgments based on a single missed quota or a few short stints. Rather than considering the larger picture, they tend to adopt a one-sided view and assume that any shortcomings are solely the individual’s fault, disregarding the environmental factors at play.We’ve all witnessed or, hopefully, not experienced firsthand the consequences of big tech layoffs. Companies in a super buoyant market sometimes oversubscribe their workforce, leading to unfortunate downsizing. In such cases, whose fault is it really?Overperformers are regularly burdened with increased quotas after consistently exceeding expectations. Not only are they challenged by higher targets, but they also have fewer untapped opportunities to explore. It’s a true balancing act between maintaining outstanding results and facing limited greenfield territory.In highly ambiguous markets with everchanging dynamics, companies frequently pivot their strategies. Unfortunately, this can result in reduced support and funding for specific products or business silos. Suddenly, having your engine ripped out brings everything to a halt, impacting performance and outcomes.Leadership change and company uncertainty mean a lack of strategy and overall direction. Having a stable executive team can make a significant difference in performance. The stability and effectiveness of an executive team play a pivotal role in driving performance. A solid leadership foundation can make all the difference in achieving success. A solid leadership foundation, considering quotas and tenures, can make all the difference in achieving success


By Connor Lyons