Why specialised agencies are key for Climate Tech GTM Hiring Written By: admin | Posted On: 02-19-2024 | Category: Climate Tech

Why working with specialised agencies is key for Climate Tech GTM Hiring?

As one of the upcoming top specialised agencies in GTM hiring, Cognatio Solutions has for a long time been focused on the early-stage B2B SaaS community and helping teams shape their commercial teams.
However, over a year ago we decided to silo further and verticalised, with Cyber, Health Tch, GenTech, and Climate Tech emerging as core areas of focus.
As one of the founding members of the Climate Tech teams, it was quickly made apparent why this pivot was crucial to Cognatio Solution’s growth, and why it strengthened our value proposition so much. So if you haven’t realised the value yet, here are a few reasons why I believe Cognatio Solution’s value proposition is so much greater, from the perspective of a Climate Tech recruiter.

The advantages of working with specialised agencies:

1. It’s a small space

When looking at legacy industries, there are thousands of success stories you can draw on to bring in a sales leader who has completed the $10M – $20M growth journey and even more for the $0 – $1M. In Climate Tech, however, there’s a finite amount of people who have completed such journeys and have the requisite skills for your stage growth, whilst also understanding the nuances of this space. Focusing on this small segment of the market means we have a finger on the pulse when top talent decides to move.

2. Knowing what good looks like

This point is industry-agnostic but relevant to everyone in the early-stage community. Though it is some feat to achieve ‘top biller’ status at a huge SaaS enterprise such as Salesforce, how would these successes translate into a seed-series A sta-up? The lack of sales support and enablement tools will be a stark contrast to what Salesforce is offering. Though this rep will still be highly impressive, is this what you should be banking on?

3. Understanding industry jargon

Let’s face it, Climate Tech is full of industry terms and regulations, which can quickly obfuscate even the most astute of us. Having worked in the industry for a while now, we’ve had our fair share of conversations regarding CSRD, LCA, SCDDA, and every other 3-5 letter acronym you can think of. It helps to better qualify candidates, and better suit the needs of our partners.

Beyond these points, we’ve been able to facilitate partnerships and advise our clients based on what we’re hearing in the industry, from a different vantage point. Just think of us as another set of eyes that understands what’s going on!