Where Should BDRs Report To – Marketing or Sales? Written By: admin | Posted On: 07-19-2023 | Category: Community , Leadership

Some companies are not clear about their company’s structure, especially about whether their BDRs report to Marketing or Sales teams. Therefore, causing unnecessary confusion and process slowdowns within their teams. BDRs serve as the vital link connecting a SaaS company’s sales and marketing teams. The BDR role includes achieving a specific number of calls, vetting qualified leads, transferring them to the sales team, and managing inbound leads from marketing.

The role of BDRs evolves and changes as the SaaS company expands. This evolution could potentially result in a division of responsibilities between marketing and sales. For instance, companies might employ Outbound BDRs focused on targeted outreach and collaboration with sales teams, while Inbound BDRs handle incoming leads and cooperate with the marketing team.

Where should BDRs report to – Marketing or Sales?

Whether BDRs report to the Marketing or Sales teams is a challenge, as lead generation is their common objective. Therefore, to address this challenge, appointing a General Manager for BDRs becomes imperative. This individual would facilitate effective communication between the sales and marketing teams, streamlining processes.

Secondly, conducting regular general meetings is one solution for sharing information and outcomes between BDRs, marketing, and sales teams. These meetings provide an opportunity to assess progress, exchange feedback, and enhance team communication. Consequently, marketing teams can adjust their target audiences based on insights gathered by BDRs, simplifying lead collection.

Ultimately, the decision of where BDRs should report hinges on the specific needs and scale of the SaaS company. While some companies may find it beneficial for BDRs to exclusively report to either sales or marketing, others may have a dual reporting structure.

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