What is it really like working in recruitment? Written By: admin | Posted On: 07-17-2023 | Category: Community , Leadership

We interviewed our recruiters and asked about their experiences working in recruitment for SaaS startups and businesses. Here is what they shared with us:

 Tiarnan O’Shea’s Story:

A sales role is really hard as it is, so you can imagine how difficult it was when I started working for Cognatio with no previous experience. The transition was tough for my mental health as I was initially not getting anywhere. Although I felt like I had a lot to achieve as a junior in the GTM recruitment I got an incredible support system from the senior management. They helped me grow my confidence to the point where in just a few years they trusted me with the task of moving continents and opening up the first US-based Cognatio office all on my own. As a consequence of that, my organizational skills have gotten better, my capabilities as a salesperson have expanded and my responsibilities have grown.

“Cognatio for me, is this rare company where we all communicate outside of work. We are truly friends, our community is larger than our backgrounds. Our differences bring us together instead. Cognatio is a person-centered company, they support each one of us individually.”

Felim O’Doherty’s story:

What stands out for me with Cognatio is that you always have access to all the leaders. You can lean on them for professional support and express how you feel. My experience is that they have been proactive with progressing my career while taking into consideration my mental health. Every senior leader has been through the stages of the career ladder and they understand the challenges involved every step of the way. That is why they always step in to support us when we need it.

Since I started working with Cognatio, I noticed a shift in my work ethic. Every day I have the chance to learn something new, improve my skills, and speak with people from different backgrounds.

In contrast to my previous experience working in recruitment with other companies, Cognatio stands out. That is because its employees are not trying to hide who they are. It is a mix of good people with great talents. I feel like everyone’s mental health is impacted positively just by working together as a team.

“But that doesn’t stop the fact that sales are a hard job, being at Cognatio just makes it a lot more pleasant. Honesty is key for this company, they disclosed from the beginning the challenges and benefits involved with my role. So far, it has been a very rewarding journey facilitated by the flexibility offered to all employees. For example, later start times and a 4-day week balance the stress involved with the role. Also, almost all employees enjoy doing physical activities, so the company supports and celebrates each individual’s successes.”

Alex Ritchie‘s story:

What I really find inspiring about Cognatio is that the leaders are emotionally intelligent, understanding, and create an inclusive culture. After the pandemic, they recognised the stress we were going through. So, they became one of the first UK companies to adopt the 4-day working week. Now we get to enjoy more time with family, refresh over the weekend, and come back relaxed.

“This has improved my ability to handle stress at work and hit more of my personal career targets. I have a rewarding and satisfying sense of accomplishment. The company also offers us amazing benefits and incentives. For example, I can travel the world with people that I consider to be not just co-workers, but friends. Moreover, the company culture is inclusive and diverse, I enjoy coming to work and I am happy to work hard. That is because I like my colleagues and the work we do together, they make it easy to be motivated.”