Adoption of EVs to drive eMobility Written By: admin | Posted On: 03-12-2024 | Category: Climate Tech

Adoption of EVs to drive eMobility

Global climate change scientists are sounding the alarm! However, current national plans are falling short of 2050 net-zero emissions targets established in the Paris Climate Accords. Moreover, the transportation sector contributes almost one-quarter (23%) of global CO2 emissions, with road transport accounting for 75% of those carbon emissions, positioning the automotive industry in the headlights.

Despite automotive executives setting aggressive goals and implementing spending initiatives, the transition is expected to only achieve 44% completion by 2030. Why is this? The key issue is the lack of collaboration between the Electric Vehicle (EV)/automotive ecosystem. This requires increased investment into charging infrastructure and battery technology.

Regulatory Landscape and Consumer Influence

With the SEC approving stricter policy on emissions reporting in North America, along with the ever-maturing EU regulatory landscape, and the voice of climate-conscious consumers, change is happening. However, it is likely not quick enough for the goals of 2030 set by the national government regarding EV production. Aside from the need to reduce the cost of EVs and the need for more collaboration in the industry, we need more founders and organizations scaling their businesses, bringing EVs and EV infrastructure to market.

The need is clear… rapid innovation and mission-driven entrepreneurs. With improved technology and solutions, we can reduce emissions from mobility and lead the adoption of EVs to drive eMobility. Cognatio partners with leading EV & eMobility scale-ups on the road to building and scaling their commercial functions globally. The go-to for EV GTM growth!

If you are fighting the good fight against climate change, and need to take your solution to market, you need top commercial talent that understands your customer and your solution. Moreover, we need international expansion to take technology to new markets. Additionally, collaboration between all parties involved is essential for success!


By James Borner