What you should expect from a GTM search partner Written By: admin | Posted On: 09-12-2023 | Category: Community

Your appointment of a GTM search partner is critical in helping you successfully enter new markets, launch new products, and drive growth. But, what you should expect from a GTM search partner? Here is a list of our non-negotiables:

Requirements of a GTM Search Partner:

  • Will help you determine the skills, knowledge, and track record aligned with where you are today in your journey.
  • Support you in developing a mission, outcomes & competencies framework that should inform all search & qualifying efforts.
  • Insight around industry compensation/benchmarking.
  • Can serve as a brand ambassador and effectively convey your journey & organisational mission.
  • Conduct rigorous competence-based & personality interviews to develop a shortlist of candidates against the MOC framework.
  • Presentation of fully qualified candidates based on analysis and appraisal against the MOC framework.
  • Advise on the best interview process. How many stages, who should be involved, will it involve a task and if so, work collaboratively with you to determine what this is.
  • Complete understanding of the total package, restrictive covenants, and notice periods of candidates presented.
  • Conduct thorough background checks of the preferred candidate and full referencing.
  • Manage and assist in offers and discussions around compensation.

When considering a potential partnership and assessing what you should expect from a GTM search partner, there are several key criteria to consider. These may include:

  • Industry expertise & case studies.
  • Success on similar GTM mandates at similar stages of your journey e.g., Series A.
  • Geographic coverage.
  • Full visibility into the search process and ongoing efforts.
  • Full transparency into the talent search process.
  • Cultural understanding of our business.
  • Demonstrated understanding of your business challenges and what you are trying to solve.

Of course, selecting the right GTM search partner is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact your market expansion and growth endeavours. Taking your time to consider the essential requirements and assessment criteria outlined in this article, you can navigate this crucial process with confidence. Once you find the right GTM search partner, you can effectively enter new markets, launch products, and achieve your growth objectives while ensuring a strong alignment with your organizational mission and goals.