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What makes a great recruiter? Talent, intuition, resilience, the ability to think on one’s feet?

I started my sales career in a boiler room. We had call time targets, and leaderboards everywhere and were constantly measured against the success of our peers. In today’s world, I’m not sure how well that resonates with sales reps… But it was a school of hard knocks that shaped the salesperson I am today.

By understanding the link between input and output and seeing patterns that guided results, it became crystal clear to me that knowing how to utilize data played a part just as important as those listed above for my professional growth.

In any industry where “high performance” is the goal, data will always be the driving force behind the road to betterment.


Where to start?

Data can be really overwhelming the first time you try to comb through it. If you don’t see the value in measuring what you’re doing today – 12 months from now, you’ll want to know how you achieved (or didn’t) the things you wanted to.

The best place to start is at the end.

Identify what your goals or objectives are. Whether it is for you as an individual, your team, or your company.

From there, we should start to identify which key metrics impact that end goal most. And if needed, you could go as granular as you like.

If Revenue is the end goal. where are the components needed to get there? In this instance, we could start analysing how many candidates we are speaking with weekly,., How many of those CVs result in first interviews and so on? The key is to drive better decision-making and start putting our focus on the input metric to drive the output metric.

If we look to increase how many candidates we speak with weekly, we will inevitably increase the amount of CVs sent. Therefore, we will slowly see an increase in the revenue we generate. These internal metrics begin to form the basis of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


At Cognatio Solutions, we use data as a positive reinforcement tool to help develop our consultants. If we know what got us to where we are, we know what can get us to where we want to be,

If you want greater insights into how you operate, we are always looking for motivated Cosutltans who strive for continuous improvement… Please reach out to us to talk!


by Shadab Mohamed