Don’t delay hiring! Written By: admin | Posted On: 12-06-2023 | Category: Leadership

As we approach the planning phase for FY24, it can be tempting to delay GTM hiring until January. But should we?

Continuing or starting the hiring process now, rather than waiting until January, will provide a strategic advantage for several reasons.

1. Onboarding and ramp:

Sales professionals typically require a 3–6-month ramp-up period to become fully productive. By hiring in advance or not losing process momentum, we can utilise the remainder of the current fiscal year to accelerate onboarding, training, and customer engagement from early January. Pausing hiring until the new year can lead to a delayed start for new hires, pushing their productivity timeline further into the fiscal year.

2. Reduce time-to-hire:

Continuing the hiring process will ensure you tackle extended times to hire while also benefiting from the opportunity to engage with industry A-Players as your competitors pause until the new year.

3. Building a pipeline and a bench:

Talent Pipelining can be applied in various ways, but it is arguably the most beneficial when perceived through the lens of bench strength. Exploring the question ‘if we had any unexpected departures in the GTM team, who are we engaged with in the external market to replace them”? This proactive approach ensures a pool of high-performing, notoriously passive A Players, who, like an Enterprise deal, need constant nurturing over a lengthy cycle before future employment.

4. Scalability and growth:

A pause in hiring can impede scalability. If you are in a growth phase, having the right GTM talent is essential for ongoing scale from customer acquisition, churn prevention and expansion motions. Successful product launches and market expansion efforts often rely on a robust GTM strategy and team. A delay/pause in hiring may hinder these initiatives, impacting the startup’s ability to enter new markets or roll out new features.

5. Brand Visibility and Consistency:

Building brand equity requires consistent messaging and visibility in the market. Delaying GTM talent acquisition can result in a lack of consistency in branding efforts, hindering the establishment of a strong and recognizable brand presence.


In summary, initiating or continuing GTM hiring now, rather than waiting until January, offers a strategic edge. Beyond accelerating onboarding, it reduces time-to-hire, builds a robust talent pipeline, ensures scalability for growth initiatives, and maintains brand visibility. The proactive approach is not just about meeting but exceeding objectives in the upcoming fiscal year, making it a crucial decision for sustained success.